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Immediate YES Formula With Cesar L. Rodriguez

It’s time to Stop Losing Money and Stop Wasting Time!

Free Webinar Reveals The “IY Formula” & Taboo Selling Tactics that Hypnotically Trigger people to say “YES!” Immediately & Without Objections!

Wanna learn the how to approach and close anyone the same day without resistance, even if what you're selling is $50,000 and up?

If you're in sales, network marketing, or internet marketing, and you're sick and tired of dealing with objections like "I wanna think about it" & "I need to do my research", and you want to know how to blast those objections out of the water, then make sure you click below to register for this live online training.

You'll learn the same exact "closing formula" Cesar has taught the sales force of the #1 timeshare sales company in the world as well on stages at various events across North America for people in the direct sales, network marketing, and internet marketing industries.

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“Are you ready to become our next success story and take your game to the next level?

Stop the Pain, Struggle, & Frustration Today and Completely Eliminate Rejection to your Product, Service, or Opportunity FOREVER! 

Bold Statement: But within a few minutes you’ll see what most people are doing wrong.

13 Reasons Why You Can’t Afford to Ignore This Training:

Reason #1) Because it’s the only training you’ll ever go through that puts an extreme focus on teaching you the many ways of building urgency & covering how to forever eliminate the “I want to think about it” objection… before it comes up.

Reason #2) Because you’ll lose significantly more money than this course could ever cost you due to lost sales, missed recruits, and lost opportunities. Opportunities that you may never have a second chance at, but your competition will because as the saying goes“Opportunities don’t go away they just pass on to someone else

Reason #3) Because chances are if this training only ever helped you close 1-2 more people that you would’ve normally missed, the commission you’d make on those sales would more than pay for this course… making your investment more than worthwhile.

Reason #4) Because without this training you’ll risk continuing along the same time wasting and frustrating path of prospecting, presenting, and handling objections… only to get polite interest and procrastination rather than heated desire and immediate action

Reason #5) Because you’ll rob yourself of the invaluable skill-set of being able to systematically trigger instant agreement and immediate action from anyone you deal with. Which comes in handy in more situations than just business… Use your imagination & think of all the practical applications of that skill. 

Reason #6) Because NOT Mastering the steps of this formula means when you do happen to get immediate yes decisions they’ll be by coincidence rather than by formula and design… and because coincidence isn’t duplicatable you won’t know how to repeat those results like you would’ve had you gone through this course.

Reason #7) Because some of the biggest deals you’ll ever close and some of the biggest hitters you’ll ever recruit won’t be easy and you’ll want to have all the techniques, tactics, & tools inside this course down pact to ensure you secure those big wins. Missing this training might cause you to strike out on several of those big opportunities.

Reason #8) Because “Success is when preparation meets opportunity” and when your biggest opportunities present themselves it’s too late to prepare. You’ll want to be “armed in advance” with the verbal skills, linguistic tools, patterns, and methodologies you’ll learn inside this course.

Reason #9) Because you’ll risk wasting far more time talking with way more people than you need to. The better you get at closing, the less people you’ll have to go through to get the same results. If you can get the same results you do now with less people, you’ll be able to work less and play more!

Reason #10) Because you’ll risk wasting far more time following up on prospects than you need to. The better you become at getting people to make buying decisions immediately, the fewer time you’ll waste making endless and pointless follow up calls… thus giving you way more time freedom.

Reason #11) Because missing the exact techniques revealed in this training on how to properly build massive and immediate rapport, trust, and credibility with your prospects will most likely lead to you getting smokescreen objections that you’ll never be able to overcome.

Reason #12) Because if you don’t learn the specific questioning techniques, information gathering tactics, and problem identifying methods taught in this training you’ll risk coming across as salesy and high pressure rather than as a trusted adviser and an expert problem solver.

Reason #13) Because as Albert Einstein once famously said “You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it.” So if getting people to say YES hasn’t been as smooth for you as you’d like it to be, then you need to elevate your consciousness by getting fresh new ideas, techniques, and methods such as the ones you’re about to learn inside this Course. =)

Click HERE to Watch Cesar's  FREE WEBINAR before he closes it down!

What’s the difference between this sales training course and all the other ones out there?

It’s Strong! Do your research, you’ll find that every other sales course in existence trains you how to present, handle objections, and how to push people into buying. This Immediate YES Formula Course teaches you how craft an “objectionless irresistible offer” and shift the posture of your presentation so that your prospects are asking permission to buy from you before you’re done talking.

It’s The Perfect Balance! Most other sales courses tend to be either too generic to give you specific tips, tricks, and techniques for your niche or they’re are so specific that what’s taught doesn’t account work for anything outside that niche or for multiple presentation styles such as written sales copy, video presentations, or live 1 on 1 presentations. This training isn’t like those courses and is literally The Perfect Balance.

It’s Hardcore! The Immediate YES Formula Course was created by Cesar L. Rodriguez, who hit the top level of his Direct Sales/ Network Marketing company at the ripe age of 24 and made his first Million Dollars by age 29. Now at age 32 he speaks at some of the some of the largest Network Marketing/ Internet Marketing conferences in the country as well as trains for the largest timeshare sales company in the world.

It’s Field Tested & Game Proven! Your instructor and coach Cesar Rodriguez isn’t teaching you from a position of theory and didn’t make his fortune selling information products and courses like this one. He made his money exclusively from his efforts in the Direct Sales/ Network Marketing industry and in this course he teaches you how to do the same. In this training you’ll get to leverage his time, experience, successes, and failures so you can cut years off of your learning curve and achieve far than he ever did in a fraction of the time.

It’s Tailored to You! The Trademarked Immediate YES Formula Course is unlike anything ever taught by traditional or even nationally recognized sales trainers. The propriety sales process framework taught in this course was designed to teach you how to create your own perfect presentation to sell anything you want to anyone and have THEM Wanting to BUY From YOU Immediately whether it be written, over the phone, through video, or in person.

It Deep & Goes Where Other Trainings Don’t! This course doesn’t just teach you how to handle objections it teaches you how identify what triggers certain objections and how to never trip those landmines and set off the natural human psychological triggers that create the skepticism, doubt, and fear that prevents your prospect from buying and instead causes them to give you “I want to think about it” type of objections.

It’s Highly Duplicatable! This is a training you’ll want your whole team to go through because it will leverage your time while increasing your team’s focus, production, and sales.

It’s Raw & Real! This course doesn’t have you staring at boring PowerPoint presentations or Computer Screen Captures. This training is fun, raw, real, and was filmed to simulate a live coaching session with Cesar Rodriguez sitting across a table from you walking you through the Immediate YES Formula Action Guide & Checklist while enjoying a beautiful outdoor Puerto Rican backdrop… and NO, the backdrop we’re talking about is not his handsome face. =)

It’s SNEAKY! But NOT in an dirty underhanded bad way. Let’s face it people love to buy and hate to be sold. So it’s important you learn the art of “Covert Selling”… a selling style developed by Cesar L. Rodriguez, where even though your posture is strong and you’re in control, the prospect feels as if they’re leading the dance so you never look like you’re selling, being salesy, or coming across as high pressure. You’ll learn this art inside this training.

It’s Got it All! This Course teaches you: The Mastery of Positioning yourself as a trusted expert, The Art of Getting your Prospects to Sell You as to why YOU should allow THEM to buy, How never set off the landmines that trigger objections, The Secrets to Crafting Urgency, How to Generate Immediate Buying Decisions, and much, much more. You’ll find that in this course, we leave no stone unturned.

It’s a Lead Generating Machine! The major struggle in Network Marketing and MLM is Leads, Sales and Money. The Immediate YES Formula Course was designed to provide you with all three by giving you affiliate links to so you can share our incredible free content to help you generate online leads for your business and we pay you money from sales purchased through your affiliate links so you can generate generate extra income and cash flow that you can re-invest into your business… or whatever you want to use it for.
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About The Autor

Cesar L. Rodriguez was born in New York raised in New Jersey and then moved to North
Carolina to attend college at High Point University in 1997. A month before graduating college in
2001, while working at a GNC store at the mall, a stranger approached him and offered him an
opportunity to work for a network marketing company.

Cesar struggled and failed miserably for his four and a half months in that company before
discovering several of the prospecting and closing techniques he now teaches on stages across
the country at the events he speaks at and inside his IYF course.

His inability to peak people’s interest and close them on his opportunity early in his career drove
him to obsession with finding out exactly what makes people tick, become interested in
opportunities, and what spurs them into taking action on those opportunities immediately,
without objections, and without later experiencing buyer’s remorse.

It is this obsession to the mastery of this art that has led him to become a nationally recognized,
speaker, trainer and peak performance coach to network marketers, internet marketers, direct
sales representatives, and sales professionals from all industries.

In addition to his success in the network marketing industry, Cesar has also achieved great
success in the timeshare sales industry. He is a former award winning Presidents Club recipient
for the number one timeshare sales company in the world and has served as a consultant and
resident trainer to that company’s sales force for several years.

From closing cold market prospects into low ticket opportunities to closing high ticket $30,000-
$100,000 opportunities, Cesar has done it all, his techniques work, and it’s why he’s been
considered by many and introduced on stages as being one of the most skilled prospectors,
recruiters, and closers in the direct sales industry today.

Cesar is also an avid athlete and loves playing sports of
all kinds. His favorites are Soccer, Volleyball, Ultimate Frisbee, & Surfing. He also enjoys blogging & his blog was recently voted the #1 MLM blog of 2012. 

He currently makes his home in both Wilmington, NC & Myrtle Beach, SC along with his beautiful girlfriend Tanya Aliza, who is also a very successful direct sales, internet marketing, and network marketing top producer and success coach.

If you’d like to stay up to date on his trainings you can visit and subscribe to his blog and connect with him on Facebook & Twitter

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